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Insurance Coverage & Bad Faith


Insurance Coverage

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Insurance Bad Faith

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American consumers dedicate a tremendous portion of their disposable net income to the payment of insurance premiums. In order to get a mortgage, the bank requires that we buy homeowner’s insurance. In order to be licensed to drive a car, the State requires that we buy automobile insurance. In order to protect the people we care for, we buy disability and life insurance. Employers and consumers are legally required to pay toward Medicare and State Unemployment Compensation. Social Security has a component of insurance in the form of death and disability insurance. In order to protect ourselves from the financial hardship of illness, employers and consumers spend a tremendous amount of money buying medical health insurance. Gunn Law Group is dedicated to making sure that these hard-earned premiums result in promises kept.

Insurance is an instrument of the public trust. Together, consumers put together billions of dollars in insurance premium in the hope that when it is their turn to be in need they will have the resources necessary to compensate during times of catastrophe. Whether it is the rebuilding of their storm ravaged home, paying for the hospitalization necessary for them to survive an event, or protecting them from the mistakes they make while operating a car resulting in injuries to others, insurance companies are expected to perform their promises at a time of consumer’s great need.

Unfortunately, all too often, consumers feel abused or abandoned by their insurance company in a time of need. Insurance is a unique product in that it is one we purchase often hoping we will never need to use it. Once we do need the insurance, we are not in a position to go out and replace the product, as no one will insure an event that has already resulted in loss. So, when we turn to an insurance company, if it turns a blind eye in a deaf ear, we cannot simply turn to a new insurance company. Rather, we must turn to the law of good faith and fair dealing which requires all insurance companies to keep their promises and provide certain remedies to consumers when those promises are broken.

If you feel that your insurance company has not acted promptly, fairly, honestly, and with your best interest in mind, please contact our law firm. We have many years of specialty training in the field of insurance law.

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